Guarantee Consulting Services

Our consulting services::

  • Study and systematization of applicable legislation for imports and exports from Latin America to the European Union (EU) and vice versa.

  • Update of the applicable legislation for imports of specific products from the agricultural sector, either conventional or organic, to the EU and other countries, especially exports from Latin American countries to the EU.

  • Creation of companies in Latin American countries by companies registered in EU countries.

  • Specific reports on the situation in Latin American countries in respect of the political context and the investment scheme.

  • Analysis of contextual documentation on specific situations in Latin American and European countries affecting exports and imports, as well as the legal context.

Other specialized services:


  • Creation of corporate websites (design and online setup)..

  • Creation of virtual servers, setup and specific contracts in the European Union and the United States..

  • Creation and hosting of corporate servers and corporate email servers.

  • Systems analysis for the start-up of corporate servers that may include hosting, renting or technical advice.

Word, audio and video processing:

  • Digitization of all types of documents and their conversion to HTML format for use in Internet servers.

  • Advice and training in the production of audio files for Internet delivery purposes, conversion of video files to Internet compatible formats and/or conversion into audio.

  • Advice on online setup of servers for audio delivery purposes.

Document management systems:

  • Remote or local staff training in remote corporate servers management.

  • Training in the organization and storage of digitized documentation for small and medium enterprises.

Secure data storage and secure communications:

  • Training in the use of secure communications systems for small and medium enterprises in Latin America and Europe.

  • Training in the use of encryption systems for commercial, legal and other types of documentation in computers and/or servers.

  • Advice on encryption issues of emails and voice channels for small and medium businesses in Latin America and Europe.

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